Mama Milk Cafe- Series
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Mama Milk Cafe- Series

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Motherhood can bring along countless questions. Specifically towards feeding and breastfeeding.

 To help answer those questions and so parents have a better understanding about breastfeeding, CLE Becky and Francesca offers breastfeeding café group and breastfeeding planning workshop for expecting parents. 

 They will be held once a month at Play Collective, in Downey. Each Mama Milk Cafe would host a variety of topics including, the first 6 weeks, going back to work or school, common concerns and how to over come them, starting solids. Becky and Francesca will create a safe space to allow moms to get the information and support they need during the first early months of motherhood. Even moms who are not necessarily having issues with feeding are still encouraged to participate and talk through their experiences. Pregnant women are also welcome to attend, so they can learn about breastfeeding and ask any question they might have about the process. 

There will be light refreshments and snacks and breastfeeding pamphlets to take home.

Classes will be once a month on Saturdays @11:30am

Dates are as follow: 

  • February 22
  • March 21st
  • April 18th

Series of 3 classes for $45 OR 1 drop in for $20

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