Noon Year 2020 Recap


Happy New Year!

The Play Date brought in the New Year in style! We hosted a Noon Year on December 31, 2019 to help us enter the new year with our little ones. Our sold out Noon Year event was completed with a cookies and milk toast to 2020. There was absolutely no better way to welcome 2020!


Instead of waiting until midnight to celebrate the New Year, we counted down to the new year at noon on December 31, 2019. At noon, we had a ballon drop that the kids loved! There were plenty of photo opportunities, we had a beautiful fringe wall set up for some amazing family photos. The milk and cookies were definitely the best way to bring in the new year too! All of our little ones had so much fun completing 2020 goals activity pages. This whole event wouldn't have been complete without a dance party, so we had to have one! All of the children definitely had a good time dancing their way into 2020. 

Mama Milestones

Thank you to Mama Milestones, who goes by Nayeli for partnering with us on this event. She helped put this event together, took pictures and video during the event. Nayeli definitely contributed to making our Noon Year event successful! Milestones of Love provided us with beautiful photos and video of the Noon Year event and Mama Milestones provided us with the support that helped make this event a successful one.

Milestones of Love

Goodbye 2019 & Hello 2020

In 2019, we learned so much as a team here at The Play Date and we had fun while doing so. Thank you for all of the fun and lessons of 2019, we would not be here if it was not for your continued support. It was our dream to make a safe, clean, modern play space for our community and because of you we will continue on our journey to year two!  We're very excited for 2020 and everything that will come our way during the next year. Here's to many more sold out events and amazing classes!

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